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Dental Fillings For Kids

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Treat Cavities With Tooth-Colored Fillings

If your little one has a sore tooth and you’re worried that they may have a cavity, we're here to help at Kids Tooth Team. At our office, we specialize in a gentle, kid-friendly approach to treating cavities. If you think that your child needs a filling, contact us right away to get the care you need.

What Are Cavities?

Cavities, also known as “tooth decay,” are decayed patches of enamel and dentin on your child’s tooth. Cavities occur when oral bacteria build up due to improper oral hygiene. As these bacteria feed off of and digest food particles, they begin to reproduce, and to excrete acid.

Over time, this acid weakens the tough, hard enamel that protects your child’s tooth. Eventually, a “soft spot” will form, and this will progress into a cavity. 

Cavities are a serious oral health problem, and can lead to premature tooth loss, oral infections, and other such problems. If you think your child may have a cavity, contact Kids Tooth Team to get them the treatment they need.

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Using Laughing Gas For Anxious Kids

Kids are often nervous and scared of getting their first filling. They don’t know what to expect, and that makes the procedure very intimidating. If your child is very anxious or nervous, Kids Tooth Team can help.

We offer sedation dentistry with laughing gas. This type of sedation uses a nose mask to deliver a mixture of nitrous oxygen to their lungs. As they breathe in the gas, they will relax and feel more comfortable. With sedation, your child can get their filling in comfort at Kids Tooth Team.

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We love welcoming new patients! If you’re planning your first visit, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special. With a free second opinion consultation, we’ll make sure your little one gets started off on the right foot at our office.

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The Filling Process

Not sure what to expect from your child’s appointment? Here’s a quick breakdown of the filling process.

  • Numbing & sedation – Your child’s mouth will be gently cleaned. Then, the treatment area will be numbed to ensure their comfort. They also can be sedated with laughing gas to keep them feeling more comfortable.
  • Preparing the tooth – Next, your child’s tooth will be prepared. Their doctor will clean away decay and damaged enamel with a dental drill, exposing healthy, fresh enamel and eliminating decayed tooth material.
  • Building the filling – Once the tooth is prepared, their doctor will fill the cavity using several layers of tooth-colored resin. Each layer will be shaped, molded, and hardened using a UV light to restore the function and appearance of your child’s tooth. When done, the doctor will check your child’s bite to ensure everything looks good, and they will be all done.
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Preventing Cavities

There are two very important steps you can take to prevent cavities in your child, as follows.

  • Maintain proper at-home oral hygiene – Your little one needs to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and their teeth should be flossed once per day. You also should help your child maintain a tooth-healthy diet low in sugary foods and drinks to reduce their risk of cavities.
  • See the dentist every six months – Regular six-month preventive care appointments at Kids Tooth Team will help us track your child’s oral health, recognize when a tooth may be at risk of a cavity, and recommend preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatments.
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