Will A Frenectomy Change My Child’s Smile? Yes (And That’s A Good Thing!)

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Will A Frenectomy Change My Child’s Smile? Yes (And That’s A Good Thing!)

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If you're a parent grappling with the concern of your child having tongue ties, lip ties, or both, you may be curious about the aftermath of a frenectomy in Lake Orion, Michigan. Will your child's smile be altered post-treatment?

The response is a resounding "yes!" But rest assured, this is a positive development. Both tongue ties and lip ties can interfere with your child's oral growth over time. The earlier you seek treatment with a laser frenectomy from Dr. Kasey Stark and our dedicated team, the less these conditions will impact their smiles as they mature. Continue reading for comprehensive insights on frenectomies, tongue and lip ties, and what to anticipate post-treatment at Kids Tooth Team.

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Understanding The Basics Of Tongue And Lip Ties

First, let's break down the basics of lip and tongue ties. Collectively, these are referred to as Tethered Oral Tissues, or TOTs in short. We'll begin with tongue ties, also referred to as "ankyloglossia."

A tongue tie occurs when your child's lingual frenulum is excessively thick or overgrown. The lingual frenulum is the tissue band that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth. If you lift your tongue and look in a mirror, you'll spot this tissue band in the middle of your tongue.

This tissue band plays a crucial role in connecting the tongue to the mouth's base. However, if it's overly thick, it can hinder your child's tongue movement. This often results in breastfeeding and bottle feeding difficulties in infants and can also lead to oral developmental issues and speech difficulties.

Lip ties follow a similar pattern. If you pull your upper lip upward or your lower lip downward, you'll notice a tissue band in the middle of each lip, linking your lips to your gums. Again, this frenulum is a necessary and normal part of oral anatomy. But in children, it becomes problematic when it's overly thick, limiting the natural movement of the lips.

Lingual (Tongue) Frenectomies Help With Proper Jaw And Bite Development

So, how do frenectomies influence your child’s smile? The conversation begins with tongue ties. If your child is living with a tongue tie that hasn't been addressed with a frenectomy, it can lead to complications with their jaw and bite growth.

As your little one's baby teeth start to appear and their jaw expands, the restricted tongue and oral movement may alter the way their teeth align. This is because the tongue's position significantly impacts the way your child's mouth shapes up over time.

The tongue exerts pressure on your child's teeth and jaws during swallowing, and if it's not correctly positioned, it can result in issues like an open bite, crooked teeth, and much more. However, a frenectomy can liberate your child's tongue to move as it should, aiding in the proper oral development as they mature.

‍Labial (Lip) Frenectomies Prevent Diastema (Gaps Between Front Teeth)

Compared to tongue ties, lip ties don't exert as much influence on your child's smile as they mature. Nevertheless, they can still alter the alignment of their teeth. In particular, tongue ties may lead to "diastema," the technical term for a gap between the front teeth.

This is due to the labial frenulum being quite thick and positioned between the upper (upper lip) and lower teeth (lower lip). If your child doesn't undergo a frenectomy, the frenulum might trigger a sizable gap. While this typically occurs in the upper teeth, it can also manifest in the lower teeth.

‍Explaining The Frenectomy Procedure – What You Need To Know

Now that you have a basic understanding of how a frenectomy can transform your child's smile, you might be curious about the procedure at Kids Tooth Team. The frenectomy process is straightforward and swift, typically taking only a few minutes in our Michigan office.

Once Dr. Kasey confirms that your child is an ideal candidate for a labial or lingual frenectomy, you'll arrange a subsequent appointment at our office. At this appointment, Dr. Kasey will start by cleaning your child's mouth and sterilizing the area to be treated. She will then use a specialized laser tool to sever the tongue tie or lip tie.

And that's all there is to it! Because we employ laser dental tools, stitches are usually unnecessary. You and your child will be free to return home for rest and recuperation. However, Dr. Kasey will provide you with specific post-procedure instructions. You'll need to assist your child in performing some lip or tongue stretches. This form of "physical therapy" for their tongue and lips ensures proper healing of the frenulum and prevents the recurrence of the tongue or lip tie.

‍We Make Frenectomies Easy For Kids With Laser Dentistry

Thanks to our cutting-edge laser dental technology, Kids Tooth Team ensures your child's frenectomy in Lake Orion is a breeze. With laser dentistry, there's no need for stitches post-frenectomy, enabling your child to bounce back faster compared to procedures performed with traditional dental tools.

Laser dentistry is absolutely pain-free, eliminating the need for sedation or even a numbing injection. Bleeding is significantly reduced as the intense heat of the dental laser cauterizes (seals) blood vessels instantly. All these benefits culminate in a quicker, simpler, and less stressful experience for both you and your little one!

‍Worried About Tongue And Lip Ties? Come To Kids Tooth Team Today!

Frenectomies can provide a transformative effect on your child's smile, and always for the better! By addressing tongue or lip ties, you ensure your child's smile grows correctly, and you also alleviate feeding issues in infants and help avert common speech difficulties.Unsure if your child requires a frenectomy? At Kids Tooth Team, we're here to lend a hand. Dr. Kasey Stark and our dedicated team are masters in laser frenectomies in Lake Orion, MI. We can evaluate your child, ascertain if a frenectomy is necessary, and offer you the care required to keep your little one's oral health and development on the right path. Give us a call at (248) 422-0555 or reach out to us online to get started today.

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