Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

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Where Was the Tooth Fairy Born?

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It may come as a surprise that the Tooth Fairy actually had quite the lengthy journey before arriving in America. The origin of the Tooth Fairy tradition can be traced back to the 10th century in Northern Europe. In Norse culture, children who lost their first tooth received a “tand-fe” (tooth fee). During that time, children's teeth held significant value, as they were a symbol of good luck and power. Baby teeth were worn as charms by warriors for good fortune, and parents would often burn them after they fell out to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands; they believed that their children could be controlled or possessed by evil forces if those evildoers got ahold of their teeth. The tradition of placing teeth under pillows likely originated from this practice, emphasizing the careful exchange between parents and the Tooth Fairy.

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When Did the Tooth Fairy Fly to America?

While tooth-related folklore existed in Scandinavia for centuries, the Tooth Fairy as we know her didn't firmly establish her presence in America until about a century ago. The first documented mention of the Tooth Fairy appeared in a 1908 publication of the Chicago Tribune. In an article in the “Household Hints” section, author Lillian Brown advised parents on encouraging children to part with their baby teeth. She suggested the idea of the Tooth Fairy exchanging baby teeth for a modest sum, like 5 cents. The rest, as they say, is history!

Are Your Kid’s Teeth Ready for the Tooth Fairy?

You can leverage the Tooth Fairy's magic to motivate your kids to care for their teeth. Teach them that the Tooth Fairy rewards cavity-free, healthy teeth with extra special surprises (whatever those surprises may be in your household). Reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental care at Kids Tooth Team in Lake Orion, MI. Dr. Kasey Stark can help maintain their teeth in tip-top condition with routine cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments.

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